LuxyList | Frequently Asked Questions

Why create a LuxyList?

Because we’re taking #Fanmail to the next level!

Your fans adore you and want to connect with you on a deeper level. What better way than by sending a thoughtful surprise to show some fan love! Letting them know what you want should be simple AND FUN, but before LuxyList it wasn’t. Our users are at the heart of everything we do, so we talked to tons of performers, influencers, and athletes and built what they asked for: the only privacy-first, luxury e-wishlist platform that helps stars like you create the gift registry of your dreams.

We simplify the process from start to finish. You can add luxury items, activities, even those one-of-a-kind experiences you’ve been dying to try. Plus, all your must-haves can live in one easy to find spot - huge time saver for you and your doting fans!

Our thank you note manager will help you ensure no fan’s generosity goes unnoticed. Every time you receive a gift, you can send a personalized video to your fan to say thanks! We’re the only wishlist with this thoughtful feature.

Still have questions? We’re more than happy to help. Reach out to us via email.

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Building a wishlist on Luxylist is super easy from start to finish:

1. Sign up for an account

2. Paste links to gifts from anywhere on the web to add wishes to your LuxyList

3. Share the URL to your LuxyList with admirers, fans, followers, and subscribers

4. Send a video of you with your new gift to your fan

Fans visit Luxylist and shop like any other online store. Fans checkout on for all gifts listed.

We may be a touch biased, but...absolutely! Whether you have 10 or 10 million supporters they still want to send you gifts and we want to help you receive them.

We have a quick and easy guest checkout option. Anyone with the link to a LuxyList can view and gift without an account.

Once you let us know where to ship your gifts in account settings, your LuxyList goes live and fans can follow the link to your LuxyList to gift you.

No problem. If you’d like to return a gift just follow the store’s return policy as outlined on their website. You will be issued LuxyCredits that can be used toward another gift on your LuxyList.

In order for fans to see and shop your LuxyList, you must add your shipping address in account settings - address book. This is so your fans shop your LuxyList only when we know where to send your gifts! Don’t worry about perfecting your LuxyList - you can edit it anytime, even after it’s visible to your fans.

Of course! You can make changes to your LuxyList anytime by adding gifts, removing gifts, changing gift imagery, and more.

When a gift card is purchased for you, we will email you the redemption code.

Yes! When you sign up your initial URL is your username, but you can always change this in your account settings.

Yes! We know that even the biggest stars have celebrity crushes! As long as you have the URL to your favorite celeb’s LuxyList, you can gift them right from your account!

We offer over many different payment methods. Major payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Diners are offered in over 100 countries along with many other popular local payment options specific to the region. Additional local payment methods are available and viewable upon checkout.

Please note: only one method of payment will be accepted per transaction.

You must comply with the ‎terms of all agreements between you and any third-party payment ‎processors, and if you have any ‎disputes regarding the processing of your payment you must deal ‎directly with those third parties to ‎resolve the disputes. You authorize ‎to charge all amounts to the ‎payment method details you provide to us. You represent and warrant that each ‎credit card or other ‎payment method you use for payment to us belongs to you, and you have the right to charge all ‎such ‎payments on the credit card or other payment method.‎

Pricing and Currency

Gift prices may vary depending on the country and region the Gift is being shipped to, as well as the currency being used to pay for the Gift(s). In order to ensure the most accurate pricing, taxes and delivery fees are calculated at checkout according to the shipping address of the gift recipient.

Once a gift order has been placed, the funds allocated for that purchase will be temporarily on hold -- this is the standard pre-authorization period. While this is not an official charge, it is a step towards ensuring there are sufficient funds in the account to successfully complete the transaction.

The amount owed will only be officially deducted from your account once the gift order has been approved. At that point, the gift will be prepared for shipment and the initial pre-authorization charge will automatically be voided. Cancelling of a gift order will result in the immediate voiding of the transaction. Please note that it may take your bank additional time to allocate the funds back into the account and update your statement.

As an online retailer and luxury wishlist concierge, data and information security is of the utmost importance to us. The LuxyList internal security systems are thorough, secure and rigorous, ensuring that all information shared is protected and explicitly confidential.

All personal information shared with LuxyList when placing an order is handled in accordance with our privacy policy available here

Most gifts are processed within 2 business days of purchase, pending availability and credit verification. Once your order is shipped, we estimate you will receive your gift within 3-8 business days of its ship date. Shipping times may vary, based on the store the gift is shipped from and where it is going, but rest assured we work our hardest to send your gift as quickly as possible.

Your gift will be delivered in the packaging of the retailer it was gifted from.

How duties, taxes and other customs fees are treated is dependent on what country your gift is shipping to. Deliveries to some countries are shipped without having to pay additional duties and/or taxes. This means you will not have to pay these fees separately when your order arrives. In some countries, you can choose to prepay at checkout or pay upon delivery. If you are gifting someone in the following countries, duties and taxes are included, if applicable, and automatically ship with duties prepaid. This means you will not be asked to pay additional duties or taxes at checkout:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland (Republic of), Italy, Jersey, Korea (South), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Duties and taxes are calculated based on the items ordered, where they were made, your shipment destination and the value of your purchase, and are added to your order total in the shopping cart. Duties and taxes are nonrefundable except for orders shipping to Canada.

This charge is determined by your local customs authority and includes:

1. The Sales Tax applied by your country for purchases from the U.S. and

2. Duties charged for processing by your country.

In some cases you will see “Fees” listed along with duties and taxes at checkout. Additional fees, may include customs clearance fees, dangerous goods fee, remote area surcharge, high value goods clearance, broker clearance, or service charge.

LuxyList charges a 12% service charge per gift order to cover the cost of operating and credit card processing fees.

Any duties and taxes paid separately are nonrefundable, except for orders shipping to Canada.

Still need help? Contact Gift Support